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Due to the confidential nature of most engagements, where requested, individual client identity is protected.

Leadership Coaching

Jean Martin, Executive Director, Corporate Leadership Council, CEB :

"I believe Smruti’s unique leadership gifts – the ability to lead others but also to help others to lead themselves – make her ideally suited as an executive and leadership coach. Having worked with so many corporate leaders who struggle with the very areas at which she excels, Smruti can spur them to develop with the same pace, energy and enthusiasm that she brings to her own growth and that will be of unparalleled benefit to all leaders fortunate enough to work with her."

Senior Vice President, Top 5 American Bank :

"Smruti is an outstanding Executive Coach whose comprehensive approach provided a complete assessment of my strengths and development opportunities. After my coaching with Smruti, I feel armed with an invaluable toolbox to successfully tackle future leadership challenges. Her warm, engaging manner contributed to a deeper level of sharing which allowed for a greater awareness of my leadership style."

Senior Officer, J.A.G. Corps, United States Navy :

"Working with Smruti was an enlightening experience. Before we started, I didn’t know what an executive leadership coach could do for me. It was really one of those circumstances where I didn’t know that I needed a coach (and therefore, frankly, wouldn’t have pursued it on my own), but I realized not too long thereafter just how MUCH I needed her! My eyes were completely opened and I would recommend her to many of my colleagues."

Senior Director, (Finance) Deloitte :

"Smruti came highly recommended by the Talent leaders at Deloitte. I wanted to work on specific areas of development and Smruti allowed me to talk through my professional goals, aspirations and areas of development and then challenged me to break through to what were the real issues and how to address them.

Every session with Smruti provided an “Aha” moment of how I could take concrete steps to move forward professionally. She was tremendous in providing insights, guidance and discipline and gave me a new perspective and empowerment.

Smruti also had a great way of cutting through the noise and cueing me to come up with my own solutions and draw out insights. Together we worked on some personalized methods, tools and practices to deal with difficult and stressful situations and increase my level of awareness in a way that leveraged my cultural experiences and background. Throughout the coaching Smruti was constantly thinking about ways to help and sent relevant material like powerful articles and links. Smruti is an inspirational executive coach who helped me tremendously during a critical point in my career – to further fine tune my leadership skills. I highly recommend her."

Leadership Workshops

HR Executive, Da Vita:

"Smruti is extremely knowledgeable, passionate and a great communicator. Her facilitation skills are outstanding - she is able to create a learning environment in which participants can feel safe and thrive. She has a way to keep the participants engaged, interested and encourage them to participate as well as get to know each other. She also tells very authentic stories which captivate the class and increase learning overall. I truly enjoyed my session with Smruti and I look forward to seeing her again!"

Facilitation and Design

Kirsi Nuotto, (former) Head of HR, Cargotec, Finland:

"My team and I were able to quickly develop a trusted partnership with Smruti for an executive training program for our high potential employees. In addition to quickly understanding functional strengths and skill set deficits, Smruti was able to fully comprehend the corporate strategy and its implications, the culture of our country and organization, and change management mandates. This meant she customized the experience in the moment by her ability to analyze responses and connect the dots for participants. Smruti’s wide experience and advanced knowledge of leadership development best practices brought relevance and personal color to the workshops and her uncommon cultural sensitivity, pushed participants to think beyond themselves and yet feel safe.

Smruti is warm, fantastic to work with and thinks quickly on her feet, which makes her a trusted partner and an outstanding facilitator who we hired again!"

Chalmers Brothers, Best Selling Author of Language and the Pursuit of Happiness:

"I had the opportunity to work with Smruti in designing a series of workshops based on my book – the focus being effective leadership, organizational performance and relationship-building.

Smruti was able to distill the most powerful points from the book and provided essential and extremely valuable curriculum design input. Her guidance and experience here helped lift the product from initial ideation to practical applicability and powerful learning.

Smruti has a deep understanding of how to communicate with an executive-level audience that supports leaders in actually applying the learning – and doing so immediately. I recommend her without reservation."

Culture and Diversity

Principals at Canyon Snow Consulting:

"We’ve worked with Smruti on a number of speechwriting engagements, and we find her to be delightful to work with: she is professional, efficient, timely, and responsive. We can always count on Smruti to “wow” our mutual clients with the work product that she creates using her powerful written and communication skills. In addition, we never have to worry whether the job is going to get done - Smruti consistently exceeds our expectations."