Leadership Coaching

Effective Leadership coaching accesses an individual’s innate potential to accomplish challenging professional and personal objectives. Self-awareness is at the nexus of this potential and the key to empowering and enabling a leader’s vision for the future.

Our coaching services are delivered by our Principal, Smruti Patel.



Smruti is an exceptional fit for organizations focused on high performance with a strategic imperative to:

  • Develop high-potential employees for the next leadership positions
  • Prepare and support leaders who have transitioned into different roles and geographies
  • Expand or strengthen global reach especially in the emerging markets of Africa and India
  • Create cultural awareness and integrate leaders from diverse backgrounds


Smruti works with individuals looking to advance professionally in exceptional ways as well as those considering transitions. Among other areas, clients who engage her seek to:

  • Discover and understand their leadership potential for the purposes of growth
  • Create a vision for their future and strategically plan to realize it
  • Cultivate leadership presence and develop influencing strategies for present and future success


Results-oriented organizations and individuals prefer a structured coaching process to help accomplish challenging professional and personal objectives.

Our Five-Step Coaching Approach is customized based on each client’s unique needs. After an initial complimentary consultation, a coaching proposal is developed that includes an agenda for the engagement and details of the Five-Step Coaching Approach. The coaching itself occurs equally effectively in person, on the telephone or other media technologies such as Skype.

Smruti is a certified executive leadership coach from Georgetown University's Institute of Transformational Leadership which confirms demonstration of coaching competencies at the International Coaching Federation's second highest PCC level.

Experience Relevant to Leadership Coaching

Smruti is regularly hired as an executive coach by organizations such as Deloitte. In addition, she has a diverse client list which includes senior executives, lawyers, entrepreneurs and commanding officers in the U.S. Armed Forces all of whom are preparing for the next leadership position.

Smruti comes from a background of law and corporate consulting with undergraduate degrees from the University of Buckingham, U.K. and Masters from Georgetown University Law Center, U.S.A.

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