Facilitation and Design

Whether it is the best designed material, the smartest people in the room or a highly charged topic, the success of a facilitated meeting, training program or workshop hinges on the quality of the facilitator.

We provide an exceptional, results-oriented experience through the lens of a unique, professional and personal background combined with highly evolved training, coaching and consulting skills.

In a breadth of industries and cultures we are skillfully able to:

  • Create a hospitable, neutral environment that facilitates healthy and respectful dialogue.
  • Analyze and ask the right series of questions that guide groups towards emerging insights and outcomes.
  • Manage differing and resistant personalities as well as intuitively read a room and the nuances present in cultures.

To create and deliver a customized experience, we begin by forging trusted partnerships with our clients. We will hold sensitive information in strictest confidence and:

  • Understand functional and organizational challenges as well as skill set deficits.
  • Comprehend corporate strategy including market penetration, growth trajectory, financial details and change mandates.

Experience Relevant to Facilitation & Design

Executive Education Experience

For a number of years our lead Facilitator and Principal Smruti Patel has regularly delivered executive education to high-potential leaders from the HR, IT, Finance and Legal functions of Fortune 500 and Global 1000 organizations. She has managed a complex curriculae involving communication skills, business and financial acumen. Smruti has taught methodologies on critical thinking, delivering sharp, succinct, persuasive presentations, communicating effectively and rigorously analyzing case studies to better partner with business units to increase profitability.

Curriculum Design Experience

Smruti has provided strategic direction, and in conjunction with design and research teams, developed and delivered curriculae for lawyers, HR and sales professionals. She designs and delivers her own workshops and provides consultations on curriculum design to renown peers in the leadership development field.

Panel Moderation Experience

Please Contact Us to discuss consultations or partnering on facilitation retreats, delivering leadership training, curriculum design and panel moderation.