Talent Management

Organizations with effective talent management strategies attract and retain the best people which research shows significantly impact productivity and therefore profitability and results. Small and mid-sized enterprises reap sizeable benefits in performance from creating and upgrading simple strategies to attract, retain, engage and develop people.

Through our consulting services we are able to provide insights on how progressive organizations have addressed talent management challenges and in turn customize strategies unique to the needs of our clients.

We are skillfully able to:

  • Assist in developing compelling mission statements and organizational values to attract and retain talent and clients.
  • Understand challenges and facilitate the development of talent management strategies.
  • Analyze information and identify emerging themes requiring prioritization from a human capital perspective.
  • Provide thought leadership on a range of potential solutions that meet budgetary constraints.

Experience Relevant to Talent Management

Through her years of experience at the Corporate Executive Board's premier business unit, the Corporate Leadership Council (CLC), our Principal, Smruti Patel has partnered extensively with Fortune 500 companies and global organizations resulting in an advanced knowledge of international talent management best practices including high-potential development, succession management, attraction and retention, engagement and, performance management. She co-authored and managed the production of a 70 page research book titled "Upgrading Organizations' Talent Management Strategies."

Smruti has an expansive network of HR professionals and facilitates global training programs specifically on HR related topics. As a result she remains current on HR issues and solutions.

Smruti has also written scripts for Fortune 500 executive meetings and webinars on HR topics designed to teach and draw out relevant issues. She has highly evolved research, writing and presentation skills.

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