Leadership Workshops

Well designed and delivered leadership workshops act as catalysts to bring education and awareness in key leadership areas. Our half day workshops are designed from a breadth of material to create a relevant, customizable experience that builds skills and increases awareness. They are also grounded in practical application to cement learning.

The overarching purpose of the workshops is to enable leadership potential in order to achieve exceptional business and professional objectives.

We offer leadership workshops to:

  • Impact leadership styles and decision making skills through self-awareness of behavior
  • Master the key leadership skill of influencing without authority
  • Deliver presentations that demonstrate executive presence
  • Understand the impact of thinking patterns on performance and enhance productivity
  • Determine the effect of the environment on overall well-being and create appropriate strategies.

Workshops Offering


This workshop provides insights into how your leadership style is perceived and can be consciously and authentically flexed in different situations. We will cover:

  • Learning about different behavioral styles (including yours) to enhance communication especially under stress
  • Listening through different filters to better understand nuanced communication especially in diverse environments
  • Asking powerful questions artfully to improve the quality of information received which in turn impacts decision making.


This workshop focuses on the single most critical leadership skill - influencing without authority. We will cover:

  • Understanding the characteristics of influencers and how they master this skill
  • Learning the components of an influencing strategy that is effective without exercising direct authority
  • Creating a customized, influencing strategy specific to your professional needs.


This workshop teaches how to deliver presentations that will influence and drive decisions. We will cover:

  • Delivering a presentation with a clear, logical flow and compelling narrative
  • Learning how to select and present relevant data
  • Demonstrating executive presence to generate confidence in your leadership


This workshop brings awareness on how significantly the environments we operate in affect our productivity and overall well-being. We will cover:

  • Understanding the impact of different environments on our well-being
  • Learning techniques to alter, in the moment, effects of the environment
  • Creating daily practices to manage the impact of the environment on our well-being.


This workshop provides an insight into the evolution of our mind and how it affects us in the professional environment. We will cover:

  • Understanding the basics of neuroscience to better comprehend how we process events
  • Devising strategies to break thinking patterns and consider how to create new thought patterns
  • Learning how to re-frame belief systems and transform outlooks that will positively impact productivity.

Experience Relevant to Leadership Workshops

For a number of years, our Principal Smruti Patel has been delivering executive education to high-potential leaders from the HR, IT, Finance and Legal functions of Fortune 500 and Global 1000 organizations. She has managed complex curriculae involving communication skills, business and financial acumen.

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