Culture and Diversity

Diverse, global and multi-generational work environments bring challenges in communication and navigation of cultures. Unaddressed, these challenges impact productivity, profitability and the brand of an organization which can hamper attraction and retention of key talent.

Through the lens of a unique professional and personal background, we are quickly able to understand challenges and create solutions for culture and diversity issues.

We are skillfully able to:

  • Identify and understand nuanced communication, particularly when occurring in the organizational context and at cross-cultural levels.
  • Provide strategic guidance and promote understanding of cultures especially for organizations and individuals looking to develop relationships with others from and in, the emerging markets of India and Africa.
  • Create a resonant tone to speeches and organizational communications where an audience is international or multi-cultural.

Experience Relevant to Culture and Diversity

Smruti has facilitated multi-cultural workshops and moderated panel discussions at Fortune 100 organizations on sensitive topics to promote awareness of diversity issues. She has also researched and written speeches for executives looking to make an impact on a diverse audience.

Smruti is of Indian descent, grew up both in Kenya and the U.K. and has been living in the U.S.A. for several years. She is fluent in five languages including Swahili and Hindi and has knowledge of French.

Please Contact Us to discuss consultations or partnering on culture and diversity workshops, curriculum design, panel moderation, research and writing.